11 - 12 September 2018, Event Center Telakka, Helsinki, Finland

Trade Show: contract and commercial interiors

ID Helsinki is an informative, effective and inspirational trade show about public spaces, offices and workspaces. We focus on commercial design and contract interiors. ID Helsinki is the leading trade show in this sector in Finland. The event has been arranged for three times. In September 2017 ID Helsinki had 74 exhibitors and 1,364 visitors.

See you again in September 2018!

For more information, please contact:

  • Heidi Sinisalo, tel. +358 44 972 6620,
  • Päivi Kukkamäki, +358 50 524 9942, 

ID Helsinki is a combination of exhibition stands, two day's programme and the Afternoon Party. The speeches give information, thoughts and inspiration to those working within contract interiors industry as well as to their customers. In the first afternoon we have the popular Afternoon Party, offering some food, drinks and a DJ. Free entry for everyone working within the industry.

Opening hours and location

Opening hours (year 2017)
Tuesday 12 September 2017 at 9:00 - 19:00
Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 9:00 - 18:00.


Event Center Telakka. Address: Henry Fordin katu 6, 00180 Helsinki (Hernesaari area).

Visitor registration

Entry: ID Helsinki is a trade show. Free entry. Registration is acquired.

  • For the visitor registration, you don't need any specific invitation or code. Just register beforehand at or at the entrance.
  • The programme and Afternoon Party is free, included in the same registration.

The visitor registration for ID Helsinki 2018 will be opened in June 2018.

Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle bus is operating during both event days.

  • The bus leaves from the city centre, the bus stop in front of the Kiasma Museum.
  • You can step in the bus also at Hietalahti. There is a sign "ID Helsinki" at the front window of the bus. Wave your hand so that the bus stops! When leaving the event, you can also get off the bus at this point.
  • At the Event Center Telakka, the bus leaves from the front door of the event.


The exhibitors represent products and services for commercial design and contract interiors. The main themes in ID Helsinki are public spaces, offices and workspaces. Many exhibitors are service providers, representing even dozens of quality brands for interior design.

Every company has its own portfolio page (mainly in Finnish). >> Portfolio pages.

Exbititors in ID Helsinki 2017A.M. Acoustics; ADI Kalusteet; Aletta / Gancedo; AO-Allover; Aqva Finland; BackApp; Bachmann; Bene; Borås Cotton; Brainwood; CityMark; Danfloor; Decta; E. Ahlström; Ecophon; EFG Toimistokalusteet; Eija Uusitalo; Electrowaves; Eumar; EvavaaraDesign; Framery; Genano; Granlund Consulting; Gravtex / Ihastus Design; Götessons; HermanMiller; HR-viesti; HT Collection; Innogreen; Kinnarps; KT Interior; Lauritzon’s; Lennol; LINAK; Lintex; Lore; Lovi; Lumidesign; Lumir; M.A.D. Micro Aided Design; Maruzella; Marron Woods; Maricken; Mood Works; Muotolevy; MX Kivi; Mykolme Design; NAAVA; Nomart; Novowood; Orient Occident; Paxteam; PC Pinus Solutions; Piiroinen; Presson; prointerior; Projektiuutiset; Rakennuslehti; Resta-Lattiat; Restatop; Roltrade; Showroom Finland; Sisustus Nalle; Smartblock; Stentrade; Stiila Home; Sweco; TK-Team; Top-Cousins; Valaisin Grönlund; Vallila Interior; Vink Finland; Yeseco.


There are some speeches in English (listed below). In addition, all the lecturers speak English, so you can stay and chat after the lecture, if you want to know more in English.

Lectures in English at ID Helsinki 2017

TUE 12 Sept. @ 12:00 - 13:00

Mark Catchlove, Director, Knowledge and Insight Group, Herman Miller Ltd.

Whereas some companies may see the ‘Third Space’ as the areas left over once the desks and meeting rooms have been mapped out –  other, more visionary organisations see a newly emerging role of the workplace, in which interactions are far less rigid and work is more dynamic both in terms of the quality of collaboration and with regards the ease with which employees can move between different environments in a self-determined way. This is what the functional third space supports.

The title of this research piece is The Third Space in a changing economic environment. We look at what the potential is for the Third Space, how organisations perceive its value and how economic recession may have impacted the pace at which companies are ‘walking the talk’

TUESDAY 12 Sept. @ 13:00 - 14:00

Industrial Designer Jonas Forsman. In co-operation with European Furniture Company EFG.
!! Location: Activity Based by EFG lounge.

By investigating the user, the manufacturing, the costs and the wanted functionality, the core of the product is created. Then it is just a matter of hard work to apply the right surface to give the core justice. What needs to be considered designing products for today's workspace? How products can support well-being in modern office?

Jonas Forsman is an industrial designer working from the inside and out. The functionality is always the starting point when creating his clear cut products, often by using different materials or new mechanical solutions as a foundation. Studied industrial design engineering on Chalmers university of technology in Gothenburg where he also runs his studio since 2006. Awarded Red dot several times and Design S for his products. He has designed also EFG Create multifunctional and modular storage system and seating system for EFG European Furniture Group. 

Is this for me?

Are you working with interior design, architecture, workspace design, service design, hospitality industry, real estate management or related media? Are you responsible for these themes at your company? Is your company or client planning projects? Are you this client, searching for information, ideas and contacts for your project? Also students in this industry are welcome to ID Helsinki.

Organizer and contacts

Wola Event Management Ltd

Visitors, programme and media: Päivi Kukkamäki, +358 50 524 9942,
Exhibitors, sales and partners: Heidi Sinisalo, +358 44 972 6620,