The Götessons brand is a leader in acoustic screens and maximizing work space as a response to the global trends of open spaces and smaller work surfaces. “From workplace to creative space”, Götessons design, develop and market quality products for the office environment.


Götessons export the Swedish produced table & floor dividing screens & other accessories such as monitors arms, CPU holders, electrical accessories and soft seating to over 39 countries in three main branches, officeconference and Hotel.


Our strengths, constant product development, large product range and a quick, straight forward approach in adapting our products to your needs. That way we create solutions that make our customers life easier, more fun and better looking. That’s our every day attitude at Götessons and every day we see new evidence that we succeed in what we do.


Founded in 1984, the Company had a sales Turnover of 19M € in 2015 of which approximately 60% to export. Götessons is AAA classified and has a very healthy growth rate.